Crude TV Show. Very Much Rated R. Very NSFW. Very NSF Kids. Very Nice.

Posted on: January 04, 2024

There are too many poop sounds, there are too many fart sounds, and Episode 3 is terrible. Unless of course you're into fart and poop jokes.

And that's the extent of the bad review. I can look past them.

The amount of puns, the amount of lines that are incredibly hard to repeat out loud because of the amount of syllables spoken in a miniscule amount of time, the amount of intelligence it takes to create the scripts for each episode is mind blowing. The writing on this show is insanely creative.

This show should be watched with subtitles on because the people deliver the lines so incredibly quickly that it's hard to catch it all.

I couldn't imagine being able to memorize these lines and deliver them without laughing, without mumbling, and without screwing my mouth all up while trying to recite them.

The actors and actresses are VERY good at speaking.

The content is relatable, different, and yet the same in every episode. The sets are simple, and you feel at home in all of the different places around the town. You can imagine that you'd have a good time there with the crew. You believe in the heart break. You can see yourself hanging out with each of the different groups. Some you wouldn't want to spend too much time with, but if you were forced to interact - you'd see how sweet they are.

Lines that just make their way, or could make their way into your every day vernacular because the characters just become staples in your own life. They seem like they could be your friends.

When a friend asks for help, you help them.

Pitter Patter, let's get at 'er.

If there's anything you should be, it's efficient.

You shouldn't kiss and tell.

Why don't you take about 20% off 'er there?

The writing? Cheese and Rice is it weird.

Cheese and Rice is it different than anything else that's ever been on TV.

Cheese and Rice; how did they come up with multiple seasons of just pure obnoxiousness. How did they find these people that could deliver these lines? What fun filming must have been.

Everything is getting made fun of here: religion, the government, hicks, city folk, men, women, hockey players, drug addicts, alcoholics. This isn't a PC show, but also, it's not mean offensive. It's more... just point of fact - with people living within the system and living their lives, and we get to watch them be themselves.

Every character is SO unique, yet you've seen them out in the world. These "people" exist.

These characters are all brought to life by one heck of a cast who just had to know they were creating gold as they were filming.

This is a show that I'll go back to watch. The writing is just. so. unique.